The Felmersham Herd

My grandfather started  our herd of cows when he came home from the First World War.

He milked cows and  operated a local milk round mainly in the neighbouring village of Sharnbrook.

He bought Guernsey and Fresian cows as necessary and used a red poll bull to produce his replacements. With the advent  of artificial insemination british Fresian bulls  were used ; and then in the 1980’s Holstein Bulls were used.

At this stage we bought a few baby heifer calves from selected pedigree families  to add interest to the herd; finding that some of these families were not as good as what we had at home  we then went pedigree with the whole herd. With the  introduction of a Keenan feeder we realised that our herd had more potential with better feeding and our yields  soon increased to 10,000 litre per cow per year.

In 2013 we had family reorganisation and moved our cows to Wales where we have continued  to farm in a very similar way;  growing as much feed as possible on the farm and  practising high welfare standards.

We feed our cows a mixed ration of silages and straights all year round aiming for the milking cows to never be hungry.  When possible all our cows go out to grass but this is subject to hygiene and welfare conditions

Our cows are classified  with the Holstein Society and we are currently milking 19 Excellent cows with many of the older cows having 7 or 8 calves with our favourite having given 100 tons of milk in her lifetime.

We are very proud of our cows and we are working hard to ensure the next generation has a future in milk.

We aim to sell our milk in 2 litre cartons direct from the farm gate and farmers markets only to ensure we keep within all the legal requirements of the sale of raw milk to the public.

The three generations Harry Robert and Harvey  with the cups from the Monmouthshire Herds Competition.






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