Rehabilitation case study: Roxanne

Roxanne - Horse rehabilitation livery

Roxanne arrived at Grosmont Wood from Worcester, on a very cold and wet winters evening. She had a very nasty wound to the bone on her pastern and before leaving her home, the vet had put a cast on the wound, sedated her and dressed it ready for transportation.

Grosmont treatment

Roxanne was on a course of antibiotics to reduce infection in the wound

  • She had complete box rest for three months
  • She was on a deep bed of straw and shavings
  • We monitored her three times daily to ensure there was no swelling in the wound and legs
  • We checked her mobility and temperature
  • Each day we recorded the treatment in a diary and shared this with her owner
  • We replaced the bandage daily and ensured she took the full course of antibiotics

Specialist treatment

  • Regular checks from the vet to ensure we were on course for her to return home after three months and to start the second stage of rehabilitation using the indoor school
  • Ben Miles from N R Brown AWCF Farriers removed one shoe and maintained her foot care during her rehabilitation


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