Time to call the vet




Its been a busy week on the yard Lurch our 18 h became very off colour and not himself at all very little mobility and a temperature . Lurch has always had issues with his airways there was considerable white nasal discharge he  had not passed any droppings Jess and I were concerned he had a choke and a blockage we immediately called the vet at abbey equine clinic and the owners .  Georgina vet arrived very swiftly and we all started to work on him it takes three sedation’s for a horse this size to become sedated enough for Georgina to start her examination.  After anti inflammatory and antibiotics he started to shift some of the choke and his nasal discharge improved, he was emptied out the other end which was causing him discomfort . We took in it turns to monitor him for the next 24 hours to ensure his temperature was stable.

Timing in this situation is key and working as a team with the vets is crucial for  the best outcome.  Lurch is completing is course of antibiotics and is back to his normal self which is great news for his owners.


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