Happy Christmas 2017

Harvey with our first set of Brewmaster  twin heifers this year we have also had two more sets of twin heifers in the last month. Its been a busy year on the farm and with challenges to failing our TB test and being shut down for livestock movements has been a difficult time.  The Raw Milk business that we had been developing also came to a close. But it kick started the pasteurised non homogenised milk which is selling  well at the gate and market. Once we get a clear test and a licence from the FSA Raw Milk will be back.

The highlight this year was the Royal Welsh Show selling our raw milk and milkshakes in the food hall.  A great weekend at the Abergavenny Food Festival in September promoting all the great things about dairying. Grosmont Market has been a great platform to market our milk and meet new customers  a great community event and something we are proud to be part of.

We enjoyed our trip to Cruiselle in  France to catch up with our French Students and look at some great examples of on farm processing.  I have been inspired by our French trip and it will play a key part in how we develop the milk processing part of the business.

We would like to thank all of our customers  who go the extra mile to come and buy milk from us it has been good to have the consumer contact and we really appreciate you buying local.

Farming can be very isolating and at times we don’t get out as much as we should so having a chat with our locals all helps us continue with the working day.

Wishing you all  a very Happy Christmas and  Peaceful New Year.




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